• VMware Managed Cloud

Benefit from vmware technology without having to manage it

Fully-Managed VMware-Powered Infrastructure with Cloud-like Agility

You don’t need to walk away from VMware® to get the benefits of the cloud. Our portfolio of VMware solutions gives you access to customized dedicated hardware, plus your choice of management and control levels. Whichever solution you choose, you’ll benefit from having our VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) manage your underlying physical hardware 24x7x365.

Deep Expertise

Deep Expertise

Our VCPs built and manage one of the world’s largest VMware vSphere footprints. Let them help you architect, deploy and troubleshoot your environment, no matter how complex.

Predictable Performance

Predictable Performance

Enjoy consistent, reliable performance backed by industry-leading SLAs, including 100% Network Uptime and Hardware Uptime Guarantees.

Choice And Flexibility

Choice and Flexibility

You’ve been running VMware for years, so we offer you the level of control you want. Get total access and control, or opt for a fully-managed experience. It’s your choice.

Single Tenant Security

Single-Tenant Security

Get the enhanced security of a customized single-tenant environment with fully-dedicated network, compute and storage hardware.

Fully Managed VMware Powered Infrastructure

Choose your Best-Fit VMware Solution

Server Virtualization by VMware

A fully-managed vSphere environment — with 24x7x365 maintenance and monitoring of the guest OS, VMware software stack and underlying hardware.

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YKP Systems Private Cloud powered by VMware

A hosted vSphere-powered private cloud fully managed by YKP Systems. Including support for vSAN™, NSX® and the vRealize® suite of management applications.

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Service Levels

Since different businesses have different support needs, we offer you two service levels with our VMware managed hosting solutions — Managed and Intensive®. No matter which level you choose, you’ll always have 24x7x365 access to a dedicated account team.


“By going to a Managed Service model with YKP Systems, I just worry about the workloads and applications to support our mission and our members’ mission. I could run what I need today, knowing that I can rapidly scale up or scale down to fit our needs, and serve up workloads. Now I just have an operational cost as opposed to a capital expense outlay.”


Managing Director of Infrastructure and Security, Feeding America

Strategic Global Partnership

For over a decade, VMware® and YKP Systems have been working together to help businesses tap into the full promise of virtualization and the cloud. Let us work with you to scale globally, while reducing security concerns and avoiding retooling expenses and development risks.

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