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    Meet Your Data Storage

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YKP Systems Privacy and Data Protection

With Privacy and Data Protection (PDP), YKP Systems will help you protect your sensitive business data and assist you with meeting regulatory data compliance requirements related to data storage and protection.

We’ll also help you assess your threat risk, create custom policies to encrypt and restrict access to sensitive PII data, and report on data access helping to ensure that your important data remains protected.

When paired with YKP Systems Managed Security, you’ll also receive additional 24x7x365 threat monitoring, response and analytics. We can then compare your data access information with other data feeds to identify behavioral anomalies and potential threats.

Understand Your Risk

We’ll work with you to help you understand and mitigate your risk:

  • We’ll assess the different types of data you generate and store
  • We’ll help you create a data-classification policy
  • We’ll establish the sensitivity of each type of data
  • We’ll make recommendations on how to best protect it
Privacy Data Protection Understand Your Risk

Restrict Access to Data

We use the data classification policy we created in the phase above to encrypt and restrict access to customer data.

  • We deploy and configure a data security platform and agents into your environment
  • We create custom access policies
  • We institute data transformation protocols around data encryption, key management and routine backups
  • We monitor your technology platform for any issues
Restrict Access To Data

Use Detailed Reporting

We’ll track your data usage and protection measures, and generate detailed reports about access to sensitive data that you can use to help meet compliance objectives.

Use Detailed Reporting

How It Work

Protect Files Data Volumes

Protect files, data volumes and databases while minimizing impact to users

YKP Systems PDP provides encryption on top of your existing applications and workflows, resulting in minimal impact to your users. No complicated migrations or deployments required..

Use Granular Access Policies

Use granular access policies to identify unauthorized access & inefficiencies

Allow users access to only the data they need. Gain insight into data accessibility, which can be used to help identify unknown workflows and increase business efficiencies.

Create And Implement A Data Classification Policy

Create & implement a data classification policy

Benefit from an additional layer of governance over new or existing corporate and regulatory-based data classification systems to help meet your compliance objectives.

Monitoring And Response

Obtain optional 24x7x365 monitoring & response

When paired with YKP Systems Managed Security, information about data access can be correlated with other data feeds to identify behavioral anomalies and potential threats.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Collect evidence to help you meet compliance requirements

Use detailed PDP reports to gather evidence that can be used to confirm and validate your compliance efforts and, when combined with Compliance Assistance, includes fully mapped evidence specialized to your compliance landscape backed by experienced compliance personnel.

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