• Backup For Virtual Machine

    Backup For Virtual Machine

Backup for Virtual Machines

Keeping business running smoothly depends on the availability of business-critical systems. The workloads which you’ve placed into virtualized environments are no exception. Managing VM backups doesn’t need to include overly complex interfaces, steep learning curves and outrageous investments.

This has administrators seeking backup and replication options that offer rapid restoration speed, Physical to Virtual flexibility, and high availability cluster support.

Hyper V And Vmware Backup

YKP Systems supports both Hyper-V and VMware backup

YKP Systems brings you logical and powerful backup and replication for VMware and Hyper-V environments of any size, conveniently managed from the same interface as your physical machines.

Single File Restore

Maximum flexibility for single file restore for Hyper-V and VMware. Split screen for image and target for simultaneous viewing.

Restore on Different VM

Restore files from VMware or Hyper-V backups on a different YKP Systems client.

Flexible Hardware Restore

Transparent support of VMware datastores allows for the selection of a target datastore when restoring.

VMware Replication

Replicate virtual machines for high-availability of time-critical systems. Configure version history to easily roll-back to the appropriate version for recovery.

One-Step Restore

Synthetic one-step VM restore: The virtual machine is restored in a single pass – regardless of the number of previous backups.

Hyper-V Cluster

In addition to VMware vCenter support, our DataCenter software also supports backup and restoration in a Hyper-V cluster.

Provisioning Adjustments

Allows for reconfiguration of virtual disks on VMware to more efficiently use disk space on the datastore. For example, switching from thick to thin provisioning.

Backup For Vmware Vsphere

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VM Backup FAQs

Our team of backup experts have compiled a list of the top virtual machine backup related questions

Best Practices for Backing Up Virtual Environments

Virtualization represents one of the most important growth technologies in the IT sector. But moving to a virtual environment has a number of effects on how data is managed. This whitepaper provides an overview of the principles and daily challenges of protecting virtual systems.

This whitepaper includes:

  • Virtualization concepts defined
  • Potential pitfalls of VM backup
  • Virtualization backup methods
  • Best practice recommendations
Downlaod whitepaper
Best Practices For Backing Up Virtual Environments

Learn more about VM backup and virtualization

Meltdown Spectre And Your Backup Solution

Meltdown, Spectre and Your Backup Solution

There has been a lot of talk lately about the newly revealed vulnerabilities called Spectre and Meltdown. We understand these processor vulnerabilities have the potential for exploitation. Say for instance your backup solution has an option that automatically starts a VM of the machine in the cloud. What are the security and possible attack vectors on that specific feature of the software? Does the backup software in question store important high level access credentials within your network (think vCenter, Office 365, SQL, Network shares, etc)?

 Virtualization Glossary Of Terms You Should Know

Virtualization Glossary of Terms You Should Know

Virtualization brings with it a whole host of new terms. As with any new technology, it’s important to understand all of the new terminology associated with the technology. Although a variety of different technologies fall under the umbrella of virtualization, in general it refers to the ability to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same physical hardware. Virtualization software, also known as a hypervisor, acts as a layer between the software and the hardware. Hypervisor software essentially emulates the hardware using software.

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