• Data Center Backup

    Data Center Backup

Data center backup and recovery software and strategies from YKP Systems Systems

Open Source Enterprise Data Center Backup: YKP Systems Enterprise is best qualified to handle the complex environments of modern data centers. Implement backup and restore on a large scale.

One of the key features of YKP Systems Enterprise Edition is its scalability. YKP Systems was created with enterprise backup in mind, and its modular architecture allows YKP Systems to scale easily up to thousands of machines – even with only a single YKP Systems Director instance. This is especially crucial for data centers that face more and more density, more and more servers, and greater automation needs, in today’s world that has less time to spend on an individual server node.

YKP Systems Enterprise Edition gives you full control over all your backups and restores from a central point of operations, and since YKP Systems has multi-tenancy support, you can create different roles and permissions in your data center and empower relevant users and administrators to control the parts of your organization by its different, appropriate teams.

YKP Systems Enterprise Edition is unusual among other solutions, in that it ships with a vast array of configuration options in the Open Source core as well additional enterprise modules, that enable you to tailor our backup solution to your precise needs. No other vendor offers such a wide range of enterprise-level options. Just as unique in the industry is its special pricing model, where YKP Systems does not charge by data volume. YKP Systems’s customers benefit from this, and also take advantage of YKP Systems’s especially high quality support services.

BCloud Service™

YKP Systems Enterprise Edition offers BCloud Service; a user-oriented web front-end for backup and recovery tasks. As a multi-tenant backup solution, it safely delegates the more simple, yet restricted backup administrator tasks to an end user(s) that may not be required to have high level permissions or have access to the whole backup system. For example, ISPs and web hosting companies can use BCloud Service to offer new services to their own customers, to easily create and manage their own backup jobs, restore files, do LDAP authentication and much more.

Global Endpoint Deduplication™

YKP Systems Systems’ Global Endpoint Deduplication™ is built into YKP Systems Enterprise Edition and is an enterprise-grade endpoint backup technology where the user can either apply it to the client side (file daemon), thereby saving storage and network resources, or at the storage level depending on your data management strategy. This enables the datacenter with the huge potential benefits of both global and endpoint deduplication. You can also combine this ‘dedupe’ at the client side with YKP Systems Enterprise Edition’s comm line compression feature to allow even better management and lower bandwidth consumption.

Massive Database Compatibility

YKP Systems Enterprise is able to natively integrate with an especially wide range of databases. You can backup and perform rapid, advanced data recovery techniques for your entire data center using just one platform. Find out about YKP Systems many database protection options.

The widest range of Virtual Environment protection in the industry

YKP Systems provides advanced levels of protection for data centers with diverse virtual environments, such as Hyper-V, VMware, Xen, KVM, Proxmox and more, including single file recoveries.

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