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    Ubuntu Support

Ubuntu Advantage

Open Source for the enterprise

Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure offers a single, per-node packaging of the most comprehensive software, security and IaaS support in the industry. With OpenStack and Kubernetes support included, Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure provides everything you need to future-proof your data centre.

Business Benefits

Learn how ITstrategen keeps their applications secure with Ubuntu

The security of customer data is of the utmost importance to ITstrategen, which is why Ubuntu is their server operating system of choice.

Applications Secure With Ubuntu

Systems management and security at scale

Automate day-to-day management with Landscape, the most cost-effective tool to support and monitor large and rapidly expanding networks of clouds, servers and desktops. Use Landscape for audit reporting, security compliance and patch management at scale. Landscape is available as a service from the cloud or on-premises for compliance with stricter security requirements.

  • Manage physical, virtual and cloud-based systems

  • Automate package management

  • Maintain security and compliance

  • Control inventory

  • API access for integration and reporting

Systems Management And Security
Apply Critical Kernel Patche Swith Out Rebooting

Apply critical kernel patches without rebooting

The Canonical Livepatch Service enables you to apply critical kernel security fixes to your Ubuntu systems without rebooting. Available on LTS-based systems, Livepatch reduces downtime while maintaining compliance and security.

How to get Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure

Buy direct from the Ubuntu store

For your desktops, servers, and virtual machines, buy Ubuntu Advantage from our online store.

Purchase at buy.ubuntu.com

Buy from the AWS Marketplace

For Amazon AWS, you can purchase Ubuntu Advantage through the AWS Marketplace.

Purchase Essential product title Standard or Advanced

Talk to a member of the team

We can recommend a support package that best suits the needs of your organisation.

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