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Computer problems, network issues, hardware malfunction, breakdowns, snags, data back-up requirements can happen any time and throw critical projects into disorder, if not handled immediately. The proliferating use of data in the form of digital content through different kinds of mobile devices by distributed users and systems, compounds this situation by increasing the chances of server downtime. Companies striving to enhance their productivity cannot afford to suffer such downtimes, as it will negatively affect their customer service, brand, and reputation. Availability of 24/7 remote IT support becomes critical in such situations.

Taking the help of an experienced remote IT Services outsourcing provider is the best answer to this situation. It has become imperative for every company to have Remote IT support services as part of their customer service. However, managing remote IT support services in-house may be cumbersome; companies may not possess the technical expertise or the staff required to manage these services efficiently.

Technical Support
Technical Services

YKP Systems, a leading IT BPO, offers you a way out. Our 24/7 remote IT support services supports the IT system management of organizations, businesses and companies; we cover a whole range of functions that includes providing IT related customer service, troubleshooting IT issues, as well as quality management and monitoring of IT systems. Outsourcing your remote IT services requirements reduces the burden of maintaining in house staff dedicated to this purpose. In addition, provision of excellent remote IT support service will boost the quality of your service delivery and thus, keep your clients happy. Our remote IT support services can be used for internal IT support as well as third party client requirements

Outsource Remote IT Services to YKP Systems

YKP Systems is a leading provider of outsourced remote IT services for companies. Our experienced remote IT support personnel provides efficient virtual assistance related to troubleshooting, and resolution of issues related to IT system and components, such as:

  • Network Issues: This includes real time troubleshooting of internet service problems; network set-ups and management; we provide constant remote network monitoring and facilitate prompt network Issue resolution.
  • Hardware: Remote IT services staff helps to resolve computer hardware problems.
  • Sales: Pre-sales and post-sales product support
  • Security: Security Management that includes real time bug fixing; email issues, virus healing and protection, security practices compliance
  • Warranty Support: Give warranty or post-warranty support
  • Remote DBA support services: maintenance and protection of critical data
  • Disaster recovery services including data recovery
  • System: Remote System Troubleshooting
  • Software: We provide assistance for software problems; driver installations, software updates and much more; software application support and maintenance, file updates, configuration changes
  • PC Repair: Remote PC repair
  • Backup: Remote Backup Management.
  • Corporate Helpdesk Support: Provide corporate helpdesk support
  • Complete IT Asset Management and Software distribution.

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Why Outsource Remote IT Support to YKP Systems?

YKP Systems has greater than 19 years of experience providing quality outsourcing support in a variety of business areas. Here are some convincing reasons for YKP Systems being the partner of choice for your Remote IT services:

Outsource Remote IT Support To YKP Systems
  • We serve as the single point of contact for all end-users' IT issues: our Remote IT support for infrastructure covers networks, hardware, software, mobile, desktops, servers, storage and cloud environments; we provide service of different levels of escalation depending on the nature and urgency of issue.
  • Systems covered include: Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • We provide offshore remote IT support services across the world.
  • YKP Systems follows the best practices and standards in line with quality assurance procedures and certifications. All processes are stringently monitored and managed. Our QA measures also include the provision of performance reports based on specific metrics.
  • You will find our services cost-effective and reasonable; outsourcing remote IT services helps you to reduce expenditure on expensive in-house IT maintenance.
  • We prioritize fast resolution of incidents by our experienced remote IT support staff and thus promote business productivity by facilitating increased focus on mission critical tasks. In this way, downtime is minimized.
  • All security and confidentiality guidelines are followed stringently.

Outsourcing remote IT services to YKP Systems will ensure that you spend time focusing on the core projects rather than wasting time firefighting, carrying out repairs, patching and other troubleshooting.

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