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    Unix Support

Unix Support

Unix Support provide support for Unix system administrators within the University and its related institutions in the form of advice and help (by e-mail or visit). We also provide certain network services, courses, online documentation and vendor contact.

Troubleshooting Of Unix

When you debug the files or handling any file systems, if you want to find or search the files based on their names then you can use find command.

It comes with many options to customize your search for find files modified 10 days ago find files which have more than 1GB data find files which have file extension .java find files and remove them which have 1KB in size.

Trouble Shooting Of Unix

Features of Unix

  • It is a multi-user system where the same resources can be shared by different users.

  • It provides multi-tasking, wherein each user can execute many processes at the same time.

  • It was the first operating system that was written in a high-level language (C Language).

  • It provides a hierarchical file structure which allows easier access and maintenance of data.

  • Unix has built-in networking functions so that different users can easily exchange information.

  • Unix functionality can be extended through user programs built on a standard programming interface

Features Of Unix