• Disaster Recovers As A Service

    Disaster Recovery As A Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS) is a service that drives the business firms to run the critical applications, when a random system failure happens. The risk factors are high which could result in a loss of revenue or the drive the customers to competitors.

YKP DaaS helps companies to use data completely. The data is portable to applications, which run independently for the data services they rely on.

DRaaS offers highly attractive services by increasing the pitch of service that provides business firms utilize the use of infrastructure. This is been targeted for business that maintains disaster recovery from the Physical, Private Cloud or Public Cloud. It offers Data recovery life cycle that combines with monitoring, testing and reporting for infrastructure issues. It is a scalable solutions that suites small, medium and large enterprises. And hence we provide with complete recovery service that helps in real time Data Recovery solutions, helping the business success.

Our Benifits

Reduces the time and expertise required for Data Recovery
Data Recovery drives reliability
Deploys and manages recovery solution in all environments
Offer high-value services under SLA
Reduce time and operational errors.
Pay-per-use model
Easy Expansion
Easy Expansion
Focused on developing valuable data formats and services