• Linux Server Backup

    Linux Server Backup

Linux backup solution for system files and folders

Open Source Enterprise Linux Server Backup Software. Backup Linux Server Files and Restore Partitions or Directories in Seconds with YKP Systems Systems

YKP Systems Enterprise Edition was built from the ground up for modern Linux server backup. From its early beginning Linux has been the fundamental operating system for the usage and development of YKP Systems due to the features and benefits it offers. Our highly scalable, enterprise-grade Linux backup solution is the easy and powerful way to backup Linux server, directories & files and restore data in seconds. Compared to other Linux backup and recovery solutions, YKP Systems Enterprise Edition is one of the most flexible, scriptable, secure, modular and technology-compatible Linux backup tool available in the market. That includes Linux server backup use in physical, virtual and cloud environments using S3, Azure and other public and private clouds.

YKP Systems Systems’ Linux backup software capabilities are delivered by YKP Systems Enterprise Edition and a large number of advanced Linux backup tools which are available to precisely protect huge volumes of Linux-based data at a low cost. This is because YKP Systems has no data volume charges.

YKP Systems has a small footprint, while being highly configurable at the same time. In fact, YKP Systems Enterprise Edition is one of the most configurable Linux backup server solutions in the world. Why? So you have the power to do Linux backups and restore files, directories or folders exactly the way you want to. Just see what our customers such as NASA, Sky, Swisscom and Tricore Solutions say about YKP Systems Systems!

Linux Backup Solution For System Files And Folders
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Using YKP Systems Enterprise Edition as your advanced Linux backup system allows you to:

Enterprise Edition As Your Advanced Linux Backup System

Deploy quickly and backup Linux servers, files and folders easily, with the enterprise product working “out-of-the-box”

Execute Linux Server Backup And Restore Easily

Execute Linux server backup and restore easily using either command line, and/or the modern BWeb Management Suite™ GUI in several clicks. In case of using the console it has all the features for Linux backup and restore commands and can be installed on a specific computer in the organization only for the administration activity.

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Backup Linux server and restore single files, folders or the whole Linux system in seconds with several clicks or a few commands

Backup Partition Of The Linux Disks

Backup partition of the Linux disks which allows to have a precise image which is easy to manage and recover in several simple steps

Service Interruption

Save time during the backup of Linux servers by using Linux system snapshot backup technology without the service interruption

Full™ Backup Capabilities

Exploit YKP Systems Linux incremental and Virtual Full™ backup capabilities, together with its other many choices of Linux server backup levels (full, differential, incremental, virtual full)

Azure Linux Backup Tools

Perform Linux cloud backup, e.g backup Linux to S3 and Azure using S3 and Azure Linux backup tools

Global Endpoint Deduplication™

Save storage and network bandwidth for quick backup of Linux-based systems by using Global Endpoint Deduplication™

YKP Systems Enterprise tools support the vast majority of Linux distributions, including the most popular:

YKP Systems Enterprise Editions’ open source roots mean it is the natural choice for Linux system backup and restore. It is developed on Linux and as such, delivers exceptionally high performance and stability. For example, the speed and ease of use it brings in backing up databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL are the most advanced in the industry.

YKP Systems Enterprise Tools Support

A powerful Linux backup tool portfolio further broadens the usage of YKP Systems Systems’ as Linux best backup software:

Linux Best Backup Software

Bare Metal Recovery Perform safe and reliable Linux disaster recovery in just seconds in the event of general failures of the hardware and storage systems from a previously generated Linux system image.


MySQL Dump and binary mode backups for your MySQL database on Linux which guarantee the integrity and consistency of the stored information either in standalone mode or in cluster mode.

Linux PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Backup Linux system with PostgreSQL cluster seamlessly.

Linux Delta

Delta The Linux best backup tool that saves space on Linux system files that have few modifications between backups decreasing execution times, as well as saving disk space due to the fact that the amount of data to be backed up is lower.

Linux Backup Management With BWeb

Linux backup management with BWeb Manage Linux server backup and restore in one click and monitor Linux backup server statistics with this powerful browser-based user friendly and intuitive GUI.

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VMbackup Backing up your virtual machines has never been easier for VMware, KVM, XEN, Proxmox and Hyper-V. Witness some of the quickest and easiest data recovery you have ever seen in enterprise Linux backup tool. This industry-leading speed and convenience also comes with Single File Restore capability, including tools to rapidly locate files.

Tape Backup

Tape backup Execute Linux tape backup with our industry-leading tape backup capabilities. Our tape backup is enterprise-level and agnostic to many tape drives, autochangers and autoloaders. The architecture also supports VTL.

Automated Linux Backup Tools

Automated Linux backup tools Linux automated backup and restore is also available while using YKP Systems Enterprise Edition and its Linux backup tools. With our scheduler, scripting and automatic task maintenance Linux auto backup will never be a problem. Linux automated backup and restore is also available while using YKP Systems Enterprise Edition and its Linux backup tools. With our scheduler, scripting and automatic task maintenance Linux auto backup will never be a problem.

Linux Cloud Backup

Linux cloud backup to S3 Don’t forget about YKP Systems’s native S3 cloud integration which will be useful for Linux server backup. This powerful capability to backup Linux server to the S3 cloud delivers never seen before levels of control when interacting with the cloud, and includes YKP Systems’s exclusive Minimal Restore Cost (MRC) functionality. This means that the user restores less data from the S3 cloud. As a result, Linux cloud backup costs are vastly reduced compared to other backup and restore vendors.

Linux File And Folder Backup

Linux file and folder backup Linux file backup in YKP Systems is very easy and flexible. YKP Systems will always work with complete files while backing up Linux servers including permission, owner and group attributes. This Linux backup utility will check whether the file has changed or not and, if true, will send the changed file to storage daemon. Using YKP Systems’s powerful Linux file backup utility that include Global Endpoint Deduplication you’ll be able to save network bandwidth because you won’t send identical files if you don’t want to backup them again. YKP Systems’s Delta tool will be useful when backing up big Linux files and folders with small changes.

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