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    BackUp Solutions

BackUp Solutions

In today's competitive business world, data holds significant value and its of paramount importance for businesses to ensure that they have a data back up solution in place.

We at YKP Systems can assist to keep your data safe from any kind of disaster strike or loss. We provide you data backup solutions to safeguard your data. YKP Systems uses open source backup solutions for backing up your linux, windows system and laptops to server disk. It is provided with a web based interface to view the list of systems for backup.

Following are the features of web based data backup & recovery process that can be managed from a web interface:
  • Stop/Start Backup

  • Server Summary

  • Hosts Summary

  • Users are sent periodic email reminders if their PC has not recently been backed up. Email content, timing and policies are configurable.

  • A full set of restore options is supported, including direct restore (via smbclient, tar, or rsync/rsyncd) or downloading a zip or tar file.

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