• Services Delivered Your Way

    Services Delivered Your Way

Compare Our Service Levels

Since different businesses have different support needs, we offer you two service levels to choose from with our Managed Hosting solutions Managed and Intensive. See a detailed comparison of these two service levels below, or learn more about our YKP Systems Application Services with an SLA that provides a 100% production platform uptime guarantee.

No matter which service level you choose, you’ll always have 24x7x365 access to a dedicated account team a team that will listen to your needs and then build you a best-fit solution, on the cloud of your choice. From architecting, migrating, securing and operating your cloud, to ongoing optimization, your team is here to help you achieve tangible business results.

This team includes an Account Manager, Solution Engineer, Implementation Coordinator, Business Development Consultant, Billing Specialist and, depending on your service level, an Enterprise Support Engineer.

And when you need additional assistance such as database administration, managed security or professional & IT transformation services you can turn to our extended support team of experts.

Behind the scenes, our highly trained data center specialists are working around the clock, to deliver reliability and uptime to you and thousands of businesses every day.

Compare Our Service Levels
24x7x365 support
100% Network Uptime guarantee
1-Hour Hardware Replacement
URL, port availability and hardware monitoring
Managed firewall and VPN access
YKP Systems-tested OS patching
Bandwidth and backup performance utilization
Managed data backups and restores
DDoS mitigation
Managed security services
Encrypted backups
Server virus scanning
On-demand Dedicated Support Team consultations
Guaranteed response times for support requests
Advanced system performance and device monitoring
Custom configuration trend performance

"If there is an issue, I know for a fact that I'm going to get it resolved, and somebody's going to stick with me until I do. If there's an issue they're on it typically before my development team has to get involved."


VP of Ecommerce & Loyalty, Kendra Scott

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