• Ongoing Services

    Ongoing Services

Continually Improve & Adapt Salesforce

Our business process and technology engineering team can provide ongoing services and support to optimize your investment in Salesforce and maximize business results following the initial implementation.

Why You Need Ongoing Services

Increase the Value of Your Investment

Your business invested a significant amount of time and money implementing Salesforce; however, unless you have an internal Salesforce Administrator to continually adapt the system to meet changing business requirements, the value of that initial investment will decrease over time.

Hiring a Salesforce Administrator

With demand at an all-time high, finding an experienced Salesforce Administrator has become increasingly more challenging. Furthermore, hiring a full-time Salesforce Administrator can cost your company about $10k – $15k a month and—more importantly—will likely only have the skill set to make about 30 percent of the changes your business requires.

Why You Need Ongoing Services

The RelationEdge Solution

Technology Engineering Team

Complete Business & Technology Engineering Team

Our entire business process and technology engineering team including a business process architect, certified Salesforce architect, Salesforce administrator, marketing automation expert, and business analyst can provide ongoing services and support to continually evolve the platform, so you get the most value from your investment.

Flexible to Fit Your Business Needs

Our entire team is available to make ongoing enhancements, but you have the flexibility to only use and pay for the level of resources you need at any given time. So, for less than the cost of a full-time Salesforce Administrator, you can leverage our experienced team and take full advantage of everything the Salesforce platform makes possible.

Ongoing Services

Our team of business process and technology engineers will continually engage your team to understand your business requirements, leverage all available technologies and our combined experiences to enable those changes, and evolve your Salesforce platform so it continues to:
  • Improve bottom line results
  • Drive end-user adoption
  • Increase management visibility
  • Enhance client relationships
Ongoing Services

Administration & Maintenance

The administration and management of Salesforce requires daily interaction. We will support all aspects of the solution—including user management, security policies, data quality and configuration changes—so you continue to get the most value from the implementation.

Support & Training

The best way to drive user adoption is to ensure your users have access to incredible customer service and support. RelationEdge combines world-class “How To” support and solutions and knowledge base articles with scheduled training—so you are supported every step of the way.

Data Analysis & Recommendations

One of the most powerful features of Salesforce is the volume of data that resides in the platform. Our team will help you better analyze and present that information with in-depth reports, charts and dashboards. This improved analysis and reporting will enable you to make educated decisions that can have a meaningful impact on your business.

Complete Customization

The great thing about Salesforce is the countless ways the platform can be customized and modified to meet your latest business requirements. This can include support for your latest marketing campaign, development of complex business process rules, and third-party application integration. Our team can continually customize and adapt the platform to meet your changing business requirements.

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