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Discover the Flexibility of a Storage Area Network

Storage area networks (SANs) enable low-latency, high-bandwidth connections to your data. If you're looking for a long-term, customized storage solution that you won't easily outgrow, SAN is a good option. Begin with as little as 250GB and add capacity as you need it. We monitor your systems 24x7x365 and offer a 6-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee.

We offer three fully managed SAN choices: Shared SAN (sSAN), Ultra-Fast Dedicated (NVMe based array) and dedicated SAN (dSAN). Both support block-access storage protocols, while dSAN offers an option for Unified to add CIFS and NFS file-level access. Choose from various storage models, depending on your performance requirements and capacity needs.

Use Case

Private Clouds

When you need a single tenant environment that is scalable and provides you with the performance, security and control you need, turn to our dSAN team. We can work with you to design a dSAN architecture that addresses your specific needs across OpenStack®, VMware® or Microsoft® clouds.

Private Clouds

Databases & Database Clusters

Let our database team configure your databases for you to deliver the capacity, compliance, performance and features you need. With our data tiering, you can get SSD performance without the extra cost.

Databases And Database Clusters

“When we’ve asked for a new deploy or a new code, YKP Systems has actually gotten into the code base and made alterations for us in real time, which doesn’t exist pretty much anywhere else. That’s special.”


CEO, SumAll

Leave Your Latency, Capacity and Performance Burdens Behind

Solid-State Speed

High-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) are increasingly affordable and can bring greater speeds and reliability to demanding workloads.

Highly Customizable

Built around the storage requirements of your business with drive types, memory, CPU, protocol types, controllers and expansion shelves chosen to best address your needs.


The data at rest controller-based encryption on our Unity models encrypts stored data as it's written to disk.

Lower TCO

Significantly reduce TCO with industry-leading data reduction technology, including always-on compression and deduplication.

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