• Keep Your Bandwidth Protected and Your Business Online

    Keep Your Bandwidth Protected and Your Business Online

Protect Your Business with DDoS Detection and Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks attempt to deny legitimate users access to your systems or networks by overwhelming them with bogus requests. These attacks target important resources like network bandwidth, server sockets, web server threads and CPU utilization.

Our DDoS Mitigation Services offer comprehensive traffic monitoring, multilayered anomaly detection technologies and immediate DDoS attack mitigation to help keep your data secure and your business online. And it’s all backed by support from our DDoS specialists available 24x7x365.

DDoS detection helps maintain availability of your managed hosting services through a unique hardware-based protection system. It combines two powerful alerting technologies network-level packet scanning and server-level anomaly detection to identify an attack, then mitigates its effects by precisely eliminating DDoS traffic.

Subscribe to receive proactive protection, or choose our on-demand option where protection is activated when an attack is under way. See our DDoS Mitigation Addendum for details.

Minimize Your Risk

Whether or not your business has already been the target of a security breach, you know how damaging downtime can be to your brand. And no business is immune to being targeted. Minimize the risk of a DDoS attack taking your business offline with our comprehensive DDoS Mitigation Services.

Minimize Your Risk

Under Attack Service

If a DDoS attack is underway or you have been alerted to an imminent threat to your business, our on-demand service can be provisioned in minutes to protect the IPs currently under attack.

Our on-demand service includes expert setup and custom tuning to protect your IPs currently under attack. You have the option to upgrade to the subscription service after 30 days with no additional setup fee.

Under Attack Service

Proactive Protection

During initial setup, a security engineer works with you to set up your DDoS solution. Our subscription service then provides continuous traffic monitoring, which allows it to learn your servers’ normal network and port behavior.

Anomalous behaviors immediately trigger an alert to our network security team who provide a 30-minute response time guarantee for proactive protection subscribers. And if you ever have questions or need help, our security specialists are available to provide support 24x7x365.

Proactive Protection

Offload DDoS Processing

Help keep your infrastructure safe and your business online during a DDoS attack by offloading malicious traffic processing to our DDoS mitigation hardware. Our system works independently from your production infrastructure, so you can keep your resources focused on value-driven business.

Offload DDoS Processing


First To Detect

First to Detect

Our experts and anomaly-detection technologies are on-premises with your network equipment, so we can be the first to detect any anomalous traffic to your network.

Mitigate Large Attacks

Mitigate Large Attacks

We routinely mitigate DDoS attacks of 30 or 40Gbps and have successfully mitigated attacks of more than 100Gbps.

Multi Layered Protection

Multi-Layered Protection

Multi-layered anomaly detection, packet monitoring and filtering help to ensure that only legitimate traffic makes it through to your network.

Server Level Anomaly Detection

Server-Level Anomaly Detection

Continuous monitoring compares current traffic to a custom profile based on your typical network and port behavior. Anomalous behavior immediately triggers an alert to our network security team.

Fast Mitigation Time

Fast Mitigation Times

Our IP-based service provides fast mitigation times because there’s no need to configure routing connections or DNS hosting changes.

Network Level Traffic Analysis

Network-Level Traffic Analysis

Sophisticated detection technology capable of handling tens of millions of packets per second examines all incoming packets for patterns of malicious activity.


YKP Systems DDoS Mitigation Services

Help protect your data and keep your business online with comprehensive traffic monitoring, multilayered anomaly detection and immediate DDoS attack mitigation.

A Layperson's Guide to DoS Attacks

The goal of this white paper is to inform and educate business users, particularly those who are not immersed in the world of information security or Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

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